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Our Team

The team at Shepherd Spring Animal Hospital is comprised of highly trained and experienced animal health professionals who have a genuine love for working with pets. Our staff treats every patient with the highest quality of medical care as well as a gentle touch.


Dr. Norm Griggs

I grew up in Memphis, TN with my 3 brothers, sons of a machinist and a “stay at home” Mom. As a child and teen of the 60’s, I struggled through school. After high school, I enlisted in the US Marine Corps. As it turned out, those 4 years changed my life far more than any formal education after that. Self-determination, responsibility to myself and others, and a structured life, where effort and excellence was recognized, profoundly changed my personal view of myself. I learned about life, death and the personal rewards for a job well done. My peers hailed from all over the United States; farm kids, getto kids, rich kids, smart kids and semi-insane kids. I say “kids” because, looking back, we really were kids. I “grew up” with this incredibly diverse mix of peers. I learned my “place” in life from these buddies from everwhere. But, most of all, I learned that I could do something meaningful with my life if I was willing to work to make my dreams come true. As cheesy as it sounds, that is where I was forged. By nature, I am hard headed about what is right and wrong. Honor, to me, is the most important virtue a person can possess. I don’t propose that makes me special or different. It is simply what is in my heart.

I love caring for animals. I feel their discomfort, both physical and emotional. I admire the brutal honesty of children, cats, dogs and other animals. Each can tell you that they don’t feel well, but the challenge that I enjoy so much is learning and understanding what is wrong with them, and doing something to help them.

I try to surround myself with caring, like minded people. They all work hard, often under very difficult circumstances, to help our patients enjoy a better life. Their expectations inspire me to be my best, each day, to lead our team in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those trusted in our care.

Not a single patient of mine has ever “thanked” me with words. But they do thank me. No words are needed. But just as important to me, it is the expressed appreciation from their owners, those who care so much about them, that is moving beyond words. So, it is for you great people, and your profound love for your furry, feathered, or “other” friends that I dedicate Shepherd Spring Animal Hospital. It is and will continue to be, our mission, to partner with you to ensure your pets enjoy a long and healthy life. And, I promise to always see that mission fulfilled with grace, honor, dignity, and compassion.

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Logan Harvey Elmore

Dr. Logan Harvey Elmore is a born and raised Crawfordville native, graduating from Wakulla High School in 2011. She attended University of Mobile in Mobile, AL where she received a Bachelors of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, graduating in 2015. She was accepted to University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated with the class of 2019. While in vet school, she also completed professional certificates in Food Animal Medicine and Veterinary Business Management. She is married to her husband, Eric, and they currently have one cat, a sassy, black rescue named Amelia. Her current small animal veterinary interests include surgery and dentistry. She is also passionate about mixed/large animal medicine and hopes to provide such services to Wakulla County in the near future. Dr. Elmore is thankful and blessed to be able to return to Wakulla County to live, work, and serve her community in “God’s country”. Outside of veterinary medicine, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and serving at her local church.

Dr. Caitlyn Franklin

Dr. Franklin was born and raised in Panama City, Florida. She first attended FSU where she received her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. She then went to Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine where she graduated with the class of 2017.

Dr. Franklin's special interests include internal medicine, cardiology, and feline medicine.

Her and her husband Erik enjoy fishing, traveling, and spending time with their families. Part of their family includes a red heeler named Costa and two cats named Rufus and Sealee.

Dr. Sarah Petrario

Dr. Petrario is a wonderful addition to our family! She received her BS degree from Hofstra University and her DVM from St. George University. She enjoys spending time with her husband and many fur-kids at home including two horses, two English bulldogs, two parakeets, cats and fish. When not at Shepherd Spring, she enjoys horseback riding, attending Morgan Hunter shows, boating, and "pretending" to fish with her husband.

"One day I would like to write a children's book about my dog Priscilla, my English bulldog. One day, she rampaged the pantry and stole potatoes. She had them scattered and hidden throughout the house and back yard that we continued to find potatoes for weeks at a time! I think it would make a great children's story. "

Jeanette Burdette

Certified Veterinary Technician

Don’t let that sweet smile fool you,” Dr. Griggs warned, “Jeanette is as tough as a nickel steak!”

Jeanette has dedicated her adult life to bettering her skill as a veterinary technician. In addition to working full time, she spent her “off duty” time studying and learning the science of veterinary care and the business side of a veterinary hospital.

Dr. Griggs continued, “My efforts to bring her on board were hampered by her incredible loyalty to her previous veterinary hospital. Despite my offer, she declined but I suppose our relationship was born out of mutual respect and friendship.”

“Months later, Jeanette wanted to talk, so I asked why don’t we go fishing?”

“After a long pause she agreed, we made a date and a few days later we went fishing. We never spoke of work or conflicts of the heart. We just went fishing and had a nice Summer afternoon.” Dr. Griggs remembered.

“ After a heart to heart talk in my office Jeanette surprised me and made my day when she said “you’ve got me!”"

“ A great day that was!”, Griggs remembered.

Jeanette coordinates all of the business parts of patient care in addition to being a technician. Inventory management, selection of products, and keeping us current and legal on the regulatory side of running a veterinary hospital are all her responsibility. It is a big job and she works it efficiently and effectively.
Jeanette is a graduate of Wakulla High School and graduated from Tallahassee Community College in 2008 with an AA degree. She also attended St.Petersburg College and graduated in 2012 with an AS degree in veterinary technology. After completing the VTNE, she became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2013.

She has been married 5 years to her High School sweetheart Christopher.

In her free time, Jeanette enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering with various organizations like PAWS of Wakulla, attending River of Life church, and taking photos. Jeanette has always had a strong connection and deep love for animals, and she enjoys being a part of their lives when they come to our hospital.

Leigh Bolte

Leigh Harless


Leigh came on board to the staff as an experienced veterinary technician. Our clients and patients know her as she works directly with the doctors in the exam rooms. We all know and enjoy her as a caring, happy person who really enjoys her job.

A good sense of humor is needed in our workplace and Leigh was blessed. She was quick to become part of our team of caregivers. Her duties involve direct support to the doctors from patient restraint in the exam rooms, running the machines in our in-house laboratory, and accurately filling prescriptions for our patients.

She and her husband Corey are parents of a delightful little boy named Fisher. He is ALL boy and brings smiles to our faces when he is here at the hospital. Leigh’s skills as a multi-tasker at work are certainly an asset when wrangling a young boy running through the house twirling his underwear overhead like a lariot.

Lorena Pearson

Customer Care Specialist

Lorena Pearson is a real piece of work. It is often her kind face you see first when you enter our hospital. It will probably be her empathetic voice by which you are greeted when you call. We are very proud that she is a part of our staff, (an integral part).

Dr. Griggs offered, “Lorena is the best person on the planet at multi-tasking. That girl has 4 brains working at one time. I don’t know how she does it but I get dizzy watching her run that front desk.”

In addition, Lorena has somehow coupled a “no nonsense” side of her personaliy to a “charming, free spirit” side. She displays a disarming smile, a quick wit and is always ready to enjoy a good laugh. She is big-hearted when it comes to our patients and enjoys the “people” side of a veterinary hospital.

An avid outdoors gal, she loves to fish and hunt. She can often be heard speaking with clients about the latest fishing trip. She and her husband Dennis spend much of their free time in a boat or in the woods.

It was a great day indeed when she joined our staff in 2013.

Mariya Pearson


Mariya first joined our staff while she was still in high school in 2016. She would help us restore the hospital after arriving after school when the rest of the clinical staff was tired and beat from a long day! Over the years, she has learned and grown as a technician and now works alongside the doctor in the exam rooms, helping with treatments and surgery as well. Her great attention to detail is beneficial in our hospital and she is constantly looking to lend a hand where needed. She is now a mother to a sweet little girl named Emery. Her beautiful smile and quiet disposition make her a good fit for her position on the staff.

Maria Steuer

Maria Steurer

Head Surgical Technician

Maria is the senior surgery technician at SSAH. While caring for the critters at the Tallahassee Museum of Natural History, Dr. Griggs met Maria who was a keeper there. Her dedication to the animals in her care as well as her attention to detail earned a proposal to join our staff. With no experience in a veterinary hospital she accepted the position.

“I was anxious at first, but quickly became fascinated with my job. We spend most of our time in routine surgeries, but the orthopedic and neuro work is the most challenging. We spend very long hours, oftentimes into the night, repairing injuries to cats, dogs, turtles or whatever comes through the door. It is a very rewarding feeling to know that there are so many critters out there whose lives we have touched.” Maria smiled, “It’s what we do. I get tired but I never get tired of it.”

Maria is very meticulous by nature. Her surgery suite is always spotless, completely stocked and efficiently organized. While patients under her care are anesthetized, she mothers them, constantly monitoring their “numbers” (heart rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation) while staying one step ahead of Dr. Griggs anticipating the next instrument needed and having it at the ready.

Explained Maria, “For over seven years I have stood opposite Dr. Griggs at the surgery table. I pretty much can “hear” him thinking as he works on his patients. “

Maria was born and raised in her native Austria. She is married to a childhood sweetheart, Mischa. He is a PhD electical engineer at the FSU Center for Advanced Power Systems. She plays bass in a bluegrass band and Mischa plays the Mandolin. Her personal pets include 4 horses, 3 cats, 6 dogs and a mix of chickens and goldfish.

“ She has a really cool accent too!”, smiled Dr. Griggs

Laurie Tadlock


Laurie is an exceptional addition to our team! Laurie comes to us with years of experience previously as a Certified Victim Advocate and a Retired State Government Certified CNA. You will be welcomed with a smile as you walk through the door but she is best known around the hospital for her daily kennel greetings. When Laurie has some downtime around the hospital, you will often find her going kennel to kennel, talking sweet nothings and loving on your loved ones! "Hey there baby...you're gonna be alright, your momma will be here soon, don't you worry.."

She enjoys making pets feel right at home at Shepherd Spring.

Laurie has four dogs and one cat of her one that she loves on when she is not here. Her hobbies include: "fishing, beach, cooking and tiki huts!"

"I have always been fascinated with the medical field, as far back as I can remember and have always had pets and loved animals. What an exciting combination! It's a privilege to work with such an amazing staff and doctors."

Haleigh Fruggiero


Haleigh is a wonderful addition to our family at Shepherd Spring. Haleigh is pursuing becoming a veterinarian and is currently attending Tallahassee Community College. She has been married for two years and has the fur children that goes along with it- two cats Pooder and Maui; and a female German Shepherd named Mia. Haleigh loves learning anything there is to know about veterinary medicine! The more she learns the better in her opinion for preparing on what is to come to becoming a veterinarian. In her spare time, Haleigh enjoys spending time with friends and visiting the shelter pets to offer some love and care.

Kory Erskine

Customer Care Specialist


Kory is one of our newest faces to greet you at Shepherd Spring. She has two dachshunds named Athena and Harlowe. Outside of work, she enjoys hockey games, knitting and swimming.

Cole Baggett

Veterinary Assistant

Cole is one of our part-time veterinary assistants and is always a joy to have around! He attends Wakulla High School while also dual-enrolled at Tallahassee Community College. He plans on attending the University of Florida and becoming a veterinarian in the future. He enjoys spending time with his black lab Dodge and also wrestling and anything to do with water!

"What I love most about working here is the staff always helps me learn more about veterinary medicine to help me prepare myself to become a veterinarian one day."

Mary Lee Blume

Certified Veterinary Technician

Mary Lee is our second certified veterinary technician to add to our family! She is married and enjoys spending time with her three dogs; Armani, Lola, and Dixie. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, organizing, flowers/gardening, and attending theme parks.

"I love the fast pace here. Coming from a smaller practice, it's refreshing to be able to see more pets and learn more all at the same time." (PHOTO COMING SOON)

Alex Li

Customer Care Specialist

Alex comes to us with prior experiences as a receptionist for a boarding facility. She is always a joy to have around and we are happy to have her! Her hobbies include baking, spending time with family, boating, and going to the movies. (PHOTO COMING SOON)

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